2.7 Public monuments

This historiography covers the early modern period (AD 1500–1815) to the later modern period (AD 1815 to end of WW2). Carved stones within the category of public monuments include market crosses (Section 2.7.4), boundary markers and milestones (Section 2.7.3), as well as stones with a more symbolic and commemorative function such as war memorials (Section 2.7.1) and statues and architectural monuments (Section 2.7.2; see also Withers 2001 and Clifford 1991 for general overviews of this category from history and art-history perspectives).

2.7.1 War memorials

2.7.2 Statues and other public commemorative monuments

2.7.3 Boundary stones, milestones and wayside markers

2.7.4 Market crosses

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