Scottish Archaeological Research Framework

The Scottish Archaeological Research Framework is designed to be the go-to research resource for Scottish archaeology, one which provides an overview of the subject and also a set of useful and relevant research questions for everyone to use.

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Regional Research Frameworks

Regional frameworks complement the national ScARF but focus on assessing the state of knowledge in each region and how it differs from the national picture.

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South East Scotland Archaeological Research Framework

Explore our latest regional framework, created in collaboration with East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh City and the Scottish Borders councils.

Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site: The Antonine Wall

This thematic framework explores the importance of the Wall in our understanding of Roman frontiers.

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If you have answered a research question, or have an update to add about a specific site or period, you can use our inline comments to flag the change and keep the frameworks up to date.

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ScARF Bursaries

ScARF aims to encourage and support research through our Student and ECR Bursary scheme.

This is open to undergraduates, postgraduates and ECR’s studying or working within Scottish Archaeology.

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Featured Case Study: The Lost Cemeteries of Pictland: Bankhead of Kinloch

Five early medieval barrows were discovered in rural Perthshire ahead of planned agricultural development. Previously unknown, this significant site highlights the importance of developer funded archaeology in discovering sites which would otherwise go undetected in the landscape.

Tracing the Lines: Grooved Ware Catalogue

The Historic Environment Scotland-funded project Tracing the Lines: Uncovering Grooved Ware Trajectories in Neolithic Scotland, coordinated by Drs Alex Gibson and Mike Copper of the University of Bradford, aimed to investigate the nature and timing of the spread of Grooved Ware beyond Orkney. You can Download the database created as part of the project here.

ECR Research – Case Studies

The newest addition to the Student Network, this section aims to provide a platform for Early Career Researchers to share exciting and innovative research covering all aspects of Scottish archaeology

ScARF Skills Workshops

Collaborating with museums and experts, ScARF organises one-day skills workshops designed for any individuals who are involved with, or has an interest in museum collections and archaeological research in Scotland. Find out more information about past and future workshops here.

ScARF is managed by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and grant funded by Historic Environment Scotland as a key part of its commitment to Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy.

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