Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site: The Antonine Wall explores the importance of the Wall in our understanding of the construction, operation and development of Roman frontiers, as well as the impact of imperial policy on military strategy.

This expansive site holds an enormous amount of information about the landscape and vegetation at the time of its construction and provides a buried control horizon for environmental studies. As part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire (FRE) World Heritage property, the value of the Antonine Wall is well established. This framework now seeks to highlight its significance in Scottish Archaeology as well as increase our collective understanding of the Wall.

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William S. Hanson and Lesley Macinnes (editors)

With contributions by: Geoff Bailey, Ciara Bonacci, David Breeze, Lisa Brown, Louisa Campbell, Adrian Cox, Mairi Davies, Fraser Hunter, Rebecca Jones, Richard Jones, Adrian Maldonado, Tanya Romankiewicz, Darrell Rohl, Helen Spencer, Matt Symonds, Richard Tipping, and Tricia Weeks