South East Scotland Archaeological Research Framework

Welcome to our new online resource providing a chronological overview of the heritage of the South East of Scotland. The framework highlights key research questions and recommendations to inform future work and showcases the amazing discoveries in the region.

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The South East Scotland Archaeological Research Framework (SESARF) covers the local authority areas of the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and the Scottish Borders. The SESARF project was led by the South East Scotland Archaeology Partnership (SESAP), namely the local archaeology services of East Lothian Council, City of Edinburgh Council, and Scottish Borders Council.

 The project was funded by Historic Environment Scotland and supported by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland as part of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy.

4. Neolithic (Coming Soon)

5. Chalcolithic and Bronze Age (Coming Soon)

6. Iron Age (Coming Soon)

7. Roman (Coming Soon)

9. Medieval (Coming Soon)

10. Post Medieval (Coming Soon)

11. Modern (Coming Soon)