As well as the original period panels, two thematic panels were also set up to create frameworks on the specialist subject areas of Archaeological Science and Marine and Maritime Archaeology.

In 2016, an additional thematic framework was also published on ‘Future Thinking on Carved Stones’.

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Archaeological Science

Scotland has the potential to be a world leader in the development and application of archaeological science and builds on a long and distinctive tradition of both scientific and archaeological innovation.

Marine & Maritime

The extent to which Scotland as a nation has developed as a result of its marine and maritime associations has long been recognised. Given the indented nature of Scotland’s coastline and the location of the major centres of population, nowhere is far from a coast, estuary or tidal river.

Future Thinking on Carved Stones in Scotland

Our appreciation of the past relies heavily on the survival of stone monuments, buildings and landscape features. They shape our sense of place and identity. If carved, this adds further dimensions and depth to that appreciation and can tell us much more about past peoples, their identities, beliefs, tastes, technologies and lives.

Scottish Network for Nineteenth Century European Cultures

This framework was created as a result of a series of workshops funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, which focused on exploring the inter-connectivity of people and culture in Scotland and Europe during the long nineteenth century.