Welcome to the new home for Boyne to Brodgar: Making Monuments, Creating Communities.

This is an innovative project, focusing on the Neolithic monuments across Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. These range from the iconic World Heritage Sites of Brú na Bóinne and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney to less well-known henges and timber circles. This international, interdisciplinary and cross- sectoral initiative is co-operative, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable, featuring archaeologists, heritage professionals, educators and community groups, in the UK and Ireland and beyond.

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John Barber (AOC Archaeology Ltd), Gordon Cook (SUERC), Angela Gannon (RCAHMS), Simon Gilmour (SoAS), Derek Hamilton (SUERC), Rod McCullagh (Historic Scotland), Roger Mercer (Independent), Magda Midgley (University), Matt Ritchie (FLS), Jeff Sanders (SoAS), Alan Saville (NMS/SoAS), Alison Sheridan (NMS), Richard Tipping (Stirling University)

Note: this research framework, created by Alison Sheridan (National Museums Scotland) and Gabriel Cooney (University College Dublin), forms part of an article, ‘The Boyne to Brodgar initiative: understanding – and preserving, presenting and raising awareness of – Neolithic monuments and the people who built and used them in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man’, which appeared in the spring 2016 edition of the Journal of Irish Archaeology. The authors thank the Editor, Carleton Jones, and the publisher, Nick Maxwell, for permission to reproduce it here.