Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll

Welcome to our online resource providing a chronological overview of the heritage of Argyll and Bute. The framework highlights key research questions and recommendations to inform future work.

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The archaeological sites in Argyll are among the most important monuments in Scotland – with a history of archaeological research spanning over 300 years. The symposium ‘Unfolding Argyll’s Archaeological Story’ which took place in November 2015 at Kilmartin Museum brought together specialists researching the archaeology and history of Argyll to examine and discuss the archaeological knowledge base of the area. A second symposium in July 2016 provided a unique and important opportunity for a diverse audience to discuss archaeological work undertaken to date, identify where the current research strengths and knowledge gaps lie, and what direction future exploration and research should take. The findings were collated and developed into an Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll – a strategic document and resource which provides a summary of archaeological knowledge of Argyll to the end of 2016.

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