Marine & Maritime

Dan Atkinson & Alex Hale (editors and Panel chairmen)

With panel member contributions from Richard Bates, Graeme Cavers, Sue Dawson, Tom Dawson, Martin Dean, Colin Martin, Paula Martin, Robert Prescott and Sandra Purves.

For contributions, images, feedback, critical comment and participation at workshops: Jonathan Benjamin, Andrew Bicket, Ruby Ceron-Carrasco, James Barratt, Ali Dawson, Tony Firth, Joe Flatman, Nic Flemming, George Geddes, John Hume, Stephen Lancaster, John McCarthy, Bob Mowat, Peter Pritchard, Jessica Ransley, Philip Robertson, Alistair Roach, Sabina Strachan, Shelly Werner, and Caroline Wickham-Jones.



The Fuday wreck located on a beach in the Sound of Barra. This potentially significant wreck provides all sections of the research community with the opportunity to study ship remains in a more accessible context than more traditional submerged wreck sites. Such remains provide often well-preserved subject material for multi-disciplinary investigation ©Headland Archaeology

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