3.9 Future Research Recommendations

The following have been identified as key future research areas and issues:

  1. Modelling of the effects of climate change on agricultural potential, and of human responses to climate change – ie the resilience of past societies and their abilities to adapt.
  2. Regional variation in the effects of climate change
  3. More frequent and more detailed pollen diagrams
  4. Study of sea level change in this period, with the southerm Moray Firth being a particular focus
  5. Multi-scalar studies of diachronic variation in a range of variables (site types, find types etc) to consider issues of the nature and visibility of regionality and the explanation of spatially-constrained phenomena. A key aspect of this is the definition of local “types” of site type or artefact
  6. Attempts to define relict boundaries from studies of Medieval charter evidence or later parish boundaries
  7. The nature and chronology of enclosure systems and their link to hillforts
  8. The need to excavate fields in plan, not section, to understand their character
  9. Study of some of the well-defined field terrace to characterise their date and nature
  10. Seasonality in landscape and site use
  11. Integrated landscape study, considering not just settlements but the agricultural landscape, use of other resources, location of votive deposits etc
  12. Further study of inherited landscapes
  13. Integration of the idea of waterscapes into Iron Age landscape studies

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