Palaeolithic & Mesolithic

Alan Saville & Caroline Wickham-Jones (editors)

With panel member contributions from Steven Birch, Torben Bjarke Ballin, Clive Bonsall, Kevin Edwards, Nyree Finlay, Sinéad McCartan, Steven Mithen, Kristian Pedersen, Catriona Pickard, Clive Waddington, and Graeme Warren.

For contributions, images, feedback, critical comment and participation at workshops: Ann Clarke, Gordon Cook, Alastair Dawson, Sue Dawson, John Gribble, Peter Groom, Joanna Hambly, Andrew Kitchener, Steve Lancaster, Peter Marshall, Roger Mercer, Alison Sheridan, Bridget Simpson, Penny Spikins, Richard Tipping, Tam Ward, Karen Wicks, Naomi Woodward, and Dene Wright.



Around 30 small shell beads sat in a larger oyster shell

Oronsay beads from a mesolithic midden ©SCRAN/NMS

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