Alison Sheridan & Kenny Brophy (editors)

With panel member contributions from John Barber, Kenneth Brophy, Vicki Cummings, Gavin MacGregor, Jane Murray, Gordon Noble, Alison Sheridan, Richard Tipping, and Graeme Warren.

For contributions, images, feedback, critical comment and participation at workshops: Patrick Ashmore, Torben Bjarke Ballin, Richard Bradley, Nick Card, Ann Clarke, Gabriel Cooney, Rebecca Crozier, Mark Edmonds, Julie Franklin, Ann MacSween, Rowan McLaughlin, Roger Mercer, Yvan Pallier, Colin Richards, Alan Saville, Rick Schulting, Julian Thomas, Scott Timpany, Clive Waddington, Alasdair Whittle, and Caroline Wickham-Jones.



Carved bone necklace from the Neolithic settlement at Skara Brae ©NMS

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