Chris Dalglish & Sarah Tarlow (Editors and Panel Co-Chairs)

With panel contributions from: Rowan Julie Brown, David Caldwell, David Cranstone, Chris Dalglish, Althea Davies, Piers Dixon, Aonghus MacKechnie, Morgana McCabe, Tony Pollard, Andrew Spicer, Sarah Tarlow

For contributions, images, feedback, critical comment and participation at workshops: Donald Adamson, Tom Addyman, Derek Alexander, Stuart Campbell, Dave Cowley, Shannon Fraser, Michael Given, Miles Glendinning, Kevin Grant, Alex Hale, John Hume, Charles McKean, Alison Morrison-Low, John Pickin, Tanja Romankiewicz, and Mark Watson




Aerial photograph of Ravenscraig Steel Works. Built to meet demand for post-war steel, Ravenscraig produced strip steel until its closure in the 1990s, with the cooling towers and gas-holders (pictured) demolished in 1996 © HES


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