Mark Hall & Neil Price (eds)

With panel contributions from: Colleen Batey, Alice Blackwell, Ewan Campbell, David Caldwell, Martin Carver, Piers Dixon, Richard Fawcett, Derek Hall, Heather James, Catherine Smith, Judith Stones, Sarah Thomas, Alex Woolf and Peter Yeoman.

For contributions, images, feedback, critical comment and participation at workshops: Beverley Ballin Smith, David Bowler, Niall Brady, Stuart Campbell, Alison Cameron, Sally Foster, David Hinton, Adrian Maldonado, Coralie Mills, Chris Morris, Gordon Noble, Richard Oram, Tony Pollard, Niall Sharples, Marlo Willows.



A photograph of an ornate large pennanular brooch decorated with silver and gold filigree and amber stones

The Hunterston Brooch, c.700AD ©ScARF

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