Fraser Hunter & Martin Carruthers (editors)

With panel member contributions from: David Breeze, James Bruhn, Jim Crow, Martin Goldberg, William Hanson, and Rebecca Jones

For contributions, images, feedback, critical comment and participation at workshops: Derek Alexander, Lindsay Allason-Jones, Georgina Brown, Louisa Campbell, Robert Collins, Murray Cook, Dave Cowley, Julia Cussans, Mairi Davies, Andrew Dunwell, Sally Foster, Phil Freeman,  Martin Goldberg, Moira Greig, Mark Hall, Strat Halliday, Louisa Hammersley, Kay Hartley, Nick Hodgson, Birgitta Hoffman, Jim Jones, Lawrence Keppie,  John Lawson, Anne MacSween, Frances McIntosh, Lorna Main, Colin Martin, Roger Mercer, Mike Middleton, Tessa Poller, John Poulter, Jennifer Price, Andrew Rich, Biddy Simpson, Colin Wallace, Gareth Wells and David Woolliscroft



A photograph of two bronze incomplete circular implements with long decorative handles

Hoard of a bronze dipper and strainer set from Gainerhill, near Lanark ©NMS

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