6.3 Settlement Evidence

The picture of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age settlement in the Highlands is broadly similar to that described in the National ScARF (Bronze Age section 3.3). The evidence from the Lairg Bronze Age landscape (McCullagh and Tipping 1998; ScARF Case Study: The Lairg Project), however, offers a greater amount of detail about settlement structure and the use of the surrounding land than is available in many other parts of Scotland. Since the publication of the National ScARF research in 2012 more DNA and isotope data on human remains have become available. DNA analysis has indicated some degree of influx of new settlers during the Chalcolithic, although at present there is insufficient evidence to characterise Chalcolithic settlements beyond noting the presence of early style Beaker pottery among the sand dunes at Freswick Links  (MHG1669; Case Study Bronze Age Beaker Pottery and Case Study Freswick Links). These Beaker discoveries are assumed to relate to the short-term use of the area.

6.3.1 Landscape Patterns

6.3.2 Building Exteriors

6.3.3 Building Interiors

6.3.4 Other Settlement Evidence

6.3.5 Hillforts and Crannogs


ScARF Case Study: The Lairg Project


Case Study: Bronze Age Beaker Pottery


Case Study: Freswick Links


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