9.6 Religion and Ritual

In the medieval period, church organisation was consolidated, so that by the end of the period there was a well-developed parish system. For much of the Highlands this process may well have had its roots in the early medieval period (see Chapter 8.6; Ross 2011).

Cowan (1967; 1981) provides an overview of the church structure in the Highlands, with the situation in the Lordship of the Isles covered by Thomas (2014). Watt (1996) also includes useful maps and summaries. Cant (1986) explored the dioceses of Ross and Caithness, Crawford (2013) explored the political context for the development of the dioceses of Caithness, while Ross (2011) and Fawcett and Oram (2015) discussed the see of Moray. MacDonald (2013) is the definite study of the Argyll diocese.

9.6.1 Churches and Chapels

9.6.2 Burial Evidence

9.6.3 Grave Architecture and Layout

9.6.4 Monastic Foundations

9.6.5 Pilgrimage

9.6.6 Holy Wells

9.6.7 Wider Religious Landscape

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