International Network for Contemporary Archaeology in Scotland

We are excited to announce our involvement with a new Royal Society of Edinburgh funded project – the International Network for Contemporary Archaeology in Scotland (INCAScot).

This is a two-year collaborative project which will establish a network of academics and arts practitioners, community activists and a diverse range of heritage sector participants, to address the challenges that Scotland and other nations face in the 3rd millennium. The project is led by Dr Alex Hale (HES), Dr Kenny Brophy (University of Glasgow), Dr Gavin MacGregor (Northlight Heritage) and Dr Antonia Thomas (UHI).

ScARF is looking forward to working together with partners to explore interdisciplinary case studies, which tie directly to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs) and enabling the development of a robust research framework for Contemporary Archaeology in Scotland. Watch this space for more news about the project and future events!

The project is now seeking an enthusiastic partner to enable the smooth running of the network. This role is a flexible freelance opportunity with a maximum budget of £6000 with the expectation of c 40 days of work across the 2 years duration of the project.

Role of the International Network Partner:

• The partner will be responsible for the co-organisation of the international network over two
• We expect the partner to co-produce and participate in the network’s activities
• The partner will play a key role in sustaining the network, influence the success of the
network’s outcomes and contribute to the delivery of the overall goals.

Main Responsibilities:

• In close collaboration, with the network leads; develop, deliver and manage a co-ordinating
• Organise quarterly meetings for the international participants
• Co-produce focus group meetings, events and activities
• Co-produce and deliver a final event
• Co-produce event reports, archive materials and legacy documents

Skills and Experience: (Essential / Desirable)

• Experience of working with a distributed group of people (D)
• Experience of sustaining communications across different social media channels and using
Open Source platforms, such as Padlet (E)
• Ability to arrange and manage disparate events (D)
• Skilled to undertake specific and varied tasks, as outlined by the network leads (E)
• Experience at enabling others to remain task-focussed (D)
• Experience of costing, tendering and delivering websites, with experience of platforms such
as WordPress (E)
• Skilled at curating and developing digital content (E)
• Skilled at time-management and project planning (D)
• Experienced in successful delivery of projects within budget (E)
• Excellent communication skills (D)
• Experience of global heritage issues (D)
• An understanding of the opportunities that Contemporary Archaeology can present to
different disciplines and practices (D)

Please get in touch for more information about the role. To apply, please submit a note of interest and a brief two-page CV to: by 5pm BST Monday 14th June.

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