1.5 Acknowledgements

The South East Scotland Archaeology Partnership is grateful to Historic Environment Scotland, East Lothian Council, City of Edinburgh Council and Scottish Borders Council for funding SESARF.  Many thanks are also due to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland for their support, and in particular to Helen Spencer of ScARF for her advice and support.

The initial stage of the project was managed and delivered by Wessex Archaeology, and in particular we would like to thank Lesley Dalgleish and Andrew Bicket for all their hard work.

The project steering group and technical advisors included: Ciara Clark, Dave Cowley, Dan Miles, Emma Jane O’Riordan, David Petts, Doug Rocks-MacQueen, Peter McKeague, Helen Spencer, and Richard Tipping.

Thanks to the many people who contributed to SESARF, including Tom Addyman, Beverley Ballin Smith, Alexander Brown, Christopher Bowles, Angela Boyle, Graeme Cavers, Murray Cook, Rob Engl, Michael Gall, Stratford Halliday, Andy Heald, Andy Jepson, Samuel Kinirons, Robert MacKintosh, Adrian Maldonado, Jane Miller, Coralie Mills, Victoria Oleksy, Kristian Pedersen, Ben Saunders and Alison Sheridan.

We would also like to thank all those members of the wider historic environment community who attended and contributed to our working group sessions. Their ideas and insights were invaluable to the team while creating this framework.

The ScARF team led phase 2 of the project and are particularly grateful to the lead chapter authors and peer reviewers who worked on updating each chapter. All main authors and additional contributors are credited at the start of the relevant section. Thanks also to everyone who attended the SESARF symposium and contributed to discussions.

Thanks are also due to Rachel Cartwright, Sarah Thomas and Natalie Smith for help with the copy-editing and creation of the webpages.