Taking ScARF Science panel forward – Developing Questions and Themes

Since the ScARF project was launched in January 2013, many of the ideas and research questions have been taken forward by various groups, units and individuals. This page is where you can keep track of some of the latest research and hopefully be inspired and informed.

If you would like your project or work to be included on this list, please get in touch.

 UPDATED: Background notes to Neolithic cosmology  Roger Mercer   download the .pdf  (177kb) 19th March 2014
Lithics Research in Scottish Prehistory: science based and methodological issues Workshop at the University of Glasgow, 13th Dec 2013   download the .pdf  (132Kb) 28th February 2014
Caisteal Grugaig poster  Forestry Commission Scotland    download the .pdf   (5.01MB) 25th February 2014
Bucharn Cairn poster  Forestry Commission Scotland    download the .pdf  (4.13MB) 25th February 2014