5.7 Research recommendations

• Encourage coordinated effort to fund and carry out combined aerial photography, LiDAR, multi/hyper-spectral data and geophysical survey.

• Enhance the systematic mapping of the aerial photographic cropmark record and its delivery as a web-mapping service.

• Adopt national guidelines for geophysical survey such as those of English Heritage and GeoSIG.

• Progress the creation of an on-line Scottish geophysical survey database along the lines of what the RCAHMS has for long offered, through Canmore, on aerial survey.

• Encourage more geophysical survey at the landscape level and in underwater work.

• Enhance the opportunities for geophysical survey in community-based archaeological projects.

• Ensure continuity in Scotland’s strong role in employing emerging technologies for digital recording and imaging in the heritage sphere.

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  1. detecting and imaging heritage assets recommendations

    Could include:

    1. It is important to view geophysical survey as a means of detecting and imaging heritage assets. Geophysics crosses disciplines, periods and geographic areas and as such has much to offer the wider field of archaeology.
    2. There is a need to build and expand upon the bedrock of geophysical applications and involvement in archaeological research within Scotland.
    3. In Scotland, the future is optimistic for laser scanning technologies. As costs continue to fall, the technologies are available to more people working in heritage science. More work needs to be done on promoting the range of benefits and uses of laser scanning and other digital recording technologies.

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