Transport and Infrastructure

Logboats stand out as one research topic that has been treated systematically and a corpus has been assessed and the results published (Mowat 1996, Gregory 1998). They illustrate a discrete topic that can be undertaken and a gazetteer produced, which can be used as a reference document as and when additional finds come to light. Another manifestation of transport is the large number of post-medieval wrecks found in the intertidal zone. For example, there are at least 13 boat wrecks lying in the intertidal zone on either side of the Firth of Forth, around Kincardine Bridge.

Harbour studies by Angus Graham have provided a useful base on which to build further research and survey (Graham 1967; 1969; 1977; 1984). Marine boathouses are an example of specialised coastal buildings, and one regional study has been published (Martin and Martin 2003). The huge number of cleared slipways, roughly built quays and landing places, combined with ferry crossings, fords and bridges, are all part of the transport infrastructure that has been in place for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and whose histories are poorly understood.

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