2.3.6 Inscriptions

Overviews of inscriptions in the roman alphabet were provided by Okasha (Pictland–1985), and Forsyth (southern Scotland–2005; 2009; Figure 17, 23); and there have been studies of individual inscriptions by various authors (e.g. Higgitt 1982; Forsyth 1995a; Will et al. 2003; Charles-Edwards 2004). Ogham inscriptions were examined by Forsyth (1995b; 2011; Figure 18). Scandinavian runic inscriptions in Scotland (Figure 19) are included in Barnes and Page’s British corpus (2006) with the exception of the graffiti inside the chambered tomb of Maeshowe, Orkney, which had been covered in a previous publication (Barnes 1994). The inscriptions on the Ruthwell Cross (Figure 12), in the roman alphabet and Anglo-Saxon runes, have been the subject of numerous studies (see Orton et al. 2007).

Drawing of a rectangular standing stone with a square cross within a circle at the top and two lines of writing below

Figure 23: Inscribed stone at Kirkmadrine, Dumfries and Galloway (no. 3). Crown Copyright: Historic Environment Scotland

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