These are some resources that users of the ScARF website may also be interested in. We are keen to build this part of our website so please let us know if you would like us to host additional resources that would be of use to the archaeological community.

Quick Links

Scotland’s Archaeological Periods and Ages (ScAPA)

Archaeologists in Scotland have in the past experienced difficulty reaching a uniform consensus concerning historical periods and date ranges and there is no single agreed published list of Scottish periods for use in consistently indexing cultural heritage datasets of artefacts, monuments and sites.

Links to other research frameworks and committees 

Here you will find some useful links to other archaeological research frameworks and committees which are not part of ScARF

ScARF Skills Workshops

ScARF museum skills workshops are one-day training opportunities designed for anyone with an interest in museum collections and archaeological research in Scotland to encourage research into museum archaeological collections.

Tracing the Lines: Grooved Ware Catalogue

You can download the database created as part of the Historic Environment Scotland-funded project Tracing the Lines: Uncovering Grooved Ware Trajectories in Neolithic Scotland here.

Rural and Landscape Research

There are lots of resources and expertise to call on if you are interested in archaeology, particularly in a rural context.

Additional Research of Interest

Since the ScARF project was launched in January 2013, many of the ideas and research questions have been taken forward by various groups, units and individuals.

Telling Scotland’s Stories

Download our popular summary of ScARF in the form of a graphic comic! Available in English and Gaelic.

Interactive Maps

These interactive maps were added to the ScARF website as a useful resource. Look back for new maps and future links.