10.14 Main themes for the Modern period 1600 – 2016

The present Argyll landscape has been influenced by rapid technological, economic and social changes over the past four centuries which have interacted in various and complex ways. Alongside these changes there is also evidence of continuity where some aspects of life remained relatively unchanged. The following suggested themes are all interlinked and it is not suggested here that change has been linear or steady. Five main themes have been suggested here with some potential sub-themes which could be developed further.

  1. Society
    1. Identity
    2. Clans
    3. Gaelic Renaissance
    4. Reformation and church
    5. Recreation
  2. Material culture and buildings
    1. Folk life and beliefs ( how reflected in objects and structures)
    2. Museum and private collections of objects
    3. Archaeological excavations
    4. Architecture
  3. Land and economy
    1. Capitalism and Enlightenment
    2. Agricultural Improvements
    3. Transhumance
    4. Landownership and clearances
    5. Industrialisation and de-Industrialisation
    6. Gardens and Designed Landscapes
    7. Forestry and fishing
  4. Institutions
    1. Church and education
    2. Government and the law
    3. Military
  5. Argyll, Scotland and Empire
    1. Battlefields and wartime
    2. Communications
    3. Trade