5.5 Material Culture

The number of excavated and published Iron Age sites in the area is limited and the material culture dataset relatively small. The limited assemblages, however, are diverse and a vital component of excavated sites, whether cropmark, upland fort or waterlogged crannog, offering a solid basis for discussion of aspects of life which complement larger, structural remains. Indeed, when analysing material culture under the key research themes, it is evident that, although small in number, the diverse assemblage contributes considerably to our understanding of the Iron Age. 

The Iron Age material culture is discussed around 5 key themes: Everyday Life, Craftworking, Conflict, Jewellery and Decorative Metalwork, and Belief and Ritual. It is important to note that the recent, as yet unpublished sites, for example, the forts of Strathearn (Poller forthcoming) and the Tay estuary (Strachan et al forthcoming) and ongoing work on the Transport Scotland A9 corridor will add greatly to what follows. 

5.5.1 Everyday Life

5.5.2 Craftworking

5.5.3 Conflict

5.5.4 Jewellery and Decorative Metalwork

5.5.5 Belief and Ritual