A related class to monumental roundhouses and brochs is the dun, which is defined as a building or settlement enclosure, generally circular or oval in plan and usually sited in an elevated location. Of the 19 recorded in Perth and Kinross, most carry a closer resemblance to monumental roundhouses than duns elsewhere in Scotland. They also occur in similar landscape contexts to the monumental roundhouses, but at slightly higher elevations. Some were observed in antiquity, and subsequent survey has either failed to locate these, or has been unable to further define on inspection. Three examples, which are oval in plan, larger than the monumental roundhouses and located at higher elevations include Tulach Hill (MPK1213), and Creag Odhar (MPK1211) both overlooking the River Garry at Blair Atholl, and The Dun (MPK984), overlooking Aberfeldy. Regionally a neglected class, work is required to better understand their form and function and refine distinctions between them and both the smaller monumental roundhouses and larger forts. It may be an unsatisfactory classification within Perth and Kinross, rather than expressing the issues around classification and their impact on research and understanding. 

Landscape view across vast forest area, with a large, pointed hill in the distance, which overlooks the landscape. The hill is covered in a thin cloud layer, and the sky is full of white and grey clouds.
The Dun, overlooking Aberfeldy ©️ Courtesy of Visit Aberfeldy