The radiocarbon-dated pottery finds from Sandy Road, Scone and from Blackford shed light on the so-called ‘flat-rimmed ware/Bucket Urns’ in use during the Late Bronze Age in Perth and Kinross. These were undecorated, flat-based, mostly bucket-shaped vessels with rounded, gently-pointed or internally-bevelled rims. One pot from Blackford Area G (MPK15836) had at least one perforation below its rim. It may be that the ‘flat-rimmed ware’ found at Croftmoraig (MPK363) and Moncreiffe (MPK3163) dates to this period, rather than to the Middle Bronze Age; only direct dating of the sherds can resolve this question.

1. ‘Bucket urn’ from Sandy Road, Scone; 2. ‘Bucket urn’ from Blackford, pit 149, Area H; 3. Other Late Bronze Age pottery from Blackford, Area G. 1 from Stewart 1965; 2 and 3 from Johnson in O’Connell and Anderson 2021