Organic material

No Early Bronze Age textiles or items of wood have yet been found in Perth and Kinross, but clothes fasteners, in the form of pins and toggles of bone or antler, have been found in several funerary contexts (Fig [21]). Where associated with cremated human remains, they are invariably burnt, and they are assumed to have fastened the funerary garment or shroud on the body of the deceased as it lay on the pyre.

One other item of bone is known: this is the pommel, probably for a knife or knife-dagger, found in a cist alongside cremated human remains and a bone toggle at Beech Hill House, Coupar Angus (Fig 40; Table [1]; Stevenson 1995). The associated remains have been dated to 2197-1924 BC (GrA-19426: 3665±45 BP).

INSERT FIG 40 here: bone pommel for knife or knife-dagger from cist 1, Beech Hill House, Coupar Angus; from Stevenson 1995