Settlement evidence pre-2000 BC is currently lacking from Perth and Kinross. Recent excavations beyond the region’s boundaries would suggest that settlement activity in the early second millennium BC could well exist among Perth and Kinross’s rich upland record of hut circles, as documented in its aerial photography record (RCAHMS 1990; 1994). In Clackmannanshire at Meadowend Farm, an Early Bronze Age ring-groove roundhouse was excavated, which dates to 2115–1880 BC with associated pits that were subsequently succeeded by four Early-Middle Bronze Age roundhouses around 1750–1300 BC (Jones et al 2018). Other examples include the Early Bronze Age dated roundhouses excavated at Auchrennie in Angus (Cameron et al 2007, 48–57) and Kintore, Aberdeenshire (Cook and Dunbar 2008).