1.7 Acknowledgements

The collaborative nature of the framework was critical to its production and foremost the project team gratefully acknowledge the input of the 55 authors and contributors as listed at the start of each chapter.

The steering group was chaired by Michael Ballantine (PKHT) and over the duration of the project included David Bowler (Alder Archaeology); Ciara Clarke (AOC Archaeology Group); Mark Hall (Perth Museum and Art Gallery); Andy Heald (AOC Archaeology Group); Clare Henderson (PKHT); Gavin Lindsay (PKHT); Peter McKeague (Historic Environment Scotland); Sophie Nicol (PKHT); Helen Spencer (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland); David Strachan (PKHT); Michael Stratigos (University of Glasgow and then University of York); and Steven Timoney (Perth College of the University of the Highlands and Islands).

Presentations at the 2019 conference were given by Derek Alexander; Gordon Barclay; David Bowler; Kenny Brophy; Stephen Driscoll; Matt Knight; Michael Stratigos; Andrew Tibbs; Mark Watson and Dene Wright.

The Environmental and Archaeological Science panel was chaired by Ciara Clarke (palaeo-environment) and included Kate Britton (isotopic analysis); Lisa Brown (radiocarbon dating); Mike Cressey (charcoal); Anne Crone (dendrochronology); Orsolya Czére (isotopic analysis); Althea Davies (palaeo-environment); Derek Hall (human remains); Derek Hamilton (radiocarbon dating); Mhairi Hastie (archaeobotany); Coralie Mills (dendrochronology); Vanessa Reid (geoarchaeology); Lynne Roy (landscape geoarchaeology); Catherine Smith (zooarchaeology); and Scott Timpany (palaeo-environment).

The creation of PKARF was led and managed throughout by Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust. Gavin Lindsay was the project officer for the majority of the project, with Beth Rhodes and Leanne Demay joining the project for the latter stages. Copy-editing of the final text was carried out by Sarah Thomas.

The Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework was funded by Historic Environment Scotland and supported by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.