Clothes and Dress

A range of evidence survives for this period, including actual items as well as illustrations. For the earlier Post-Medieval period we rely primarily on the latter, although a few survivals are known. These include a 17th woollen knitted cap from Tarvie, Easter Ross and clothing found on a bog body at Quintfall Hill, Barrock Caithness, dated 17th century by coins in his purse. Clothing and part of a shoe from skeletons found in a moss at Culrain, Ross-shire in 1880 and woollen cloth from Loch Laggan on the Great Glen are less easy to date. Most are wool, but one of the Loch Laggan cloths was probably linen, or perhaps hemp or nettle (Henshall 1952). While most illustrations depict the upper classes, there are exception such as Edmund Burt’s sketches (Burt 1754). From the late 19th century there are also photographs.

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