The simplest way to discuss Neolithic pottery in the Highland Region is to consider it in three chronological segments which roughly correspond to the date ranges conventionally used to describe the Early, Middle and Late Neolithic.

  • c 3900 BC to c 3600 BC (Early Neolithic)
  • c 3600 to c 3000 BC (Middle Neolithic)
  • c 3000 to c 2500 BC (Late Neolithic)

A significant amount of the Neolithic pottery finds, especially from recent developer-funded excavations in and around Inverness (especially those relating to the Inverness West Link Road), have not yet been published and in several cases the requisite specialist post-excavation work has not yet been undertaken. Early Neolithic Early to Middle and Middle Neolithic Late Neolithic Pottery (Grooved Ware)

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