1.2 Datasheets

All the datasheets referenced throughout the Highland Archaeological Research Framework are available below.

The data to create these datasheets is taken from the Highland Historic Environment Record. It is intended that these datasheets will be periodically updated to ensure they stay current and accurate. Please let the ScARF team know if any amendments need to be made or if there are any queries.

Datasheet 1.1Highland museums, archives and heritage organisations
Datasheet 2.1Highland radiocarbon dates
Datasheet 2.2Highland dated human remains 
Datasheet 2.3Treasure Trove Finds in the Highland Region
Datasheet 3.1Holy Wells
Datasheet 4.1Mesolithic finds in the Highland Region
Datasheet 5.1Neolithic axeheads
Datasheet 5.2Neolithic Arrowheads
Datasheet 5.3 Neolithic pottery
Datasheet 5.4Carved stone balls
Datasheet 5.5Chambered cairns
Datasheet 5.6Neolithic activity around Inverness
Datasheet 6.1Bronze Age burials from the Highlands
Datasheet 6.2Bronze Age axeheads 
Datasheet 6.3Bronze Age metalwork
Datasheet 6.4Bronze Age pottery
Datasheet 6.5Bronze Age arrowheads
Datasheet 6.6Clava-type cairns in Highland Region
Datasheet 6.7Chambered cairns with Bronze Age reuse
Datasheet 6.8Burnt Mounds
Datasheet 7.1Hillforts and Duns
Datasheet 7.2Crannogs
Datasheet 7.3Complex Atlantic Roundhouses/brochs
Datasheet 7.4Souterrains
Datasheet 7.5Steatite vessels
Datasheet 7.6Roman finds in the Highlands
Datasheet 8.1Pictish symbol stones
Datasheet 8.2Early Medieval cross slabs and architectural carvings
Datasheet 8.3Cross-incised stones
Datasheet 8.4Pagan Viking Graves
Datasheet 9.1Medieval Annular Brooches
Datasheet 10.1Telford Highland churches and manses