1.1 Abbreviations

The following is a list of all the abbreviations that are commonly in use throughout the Highland Archaeological Research Framework.

ADSArchaeology Data Service 
AOCAll over cord
ARCHArchaeology for Communities in the Highlands
AROArchaeological Reports Online
B&BPBeakers and Bodies Project
BABronze Age
BMBritish Museum
BPBefore Present (with present defined as 1950)
BPPBeaker Peoples Project
B&SBadenoch and Strathspey
cARComplex Atlantic Roundhouse
CBCarinated Bowl
DBADesk based assessment
DCMDunrobin Castle Museum
DESDiscovery and Excavation in Scotland
DSRData Structure Report
EBAEarly Bronze Age
EHGEvent record for Highland HER
EREaster Ross
FoCFeats of Clay project (Clark et al 2017)
HERHighland Historic Environment Record
HESHistoric Environment Scotland
HFMHighland Folk Museum
HIEHighlands and Islands Enterprise
HMSOHer Majesty’s Stationery Office
IMAGInverness Museum and Art Gallery
LBALate Bronze Age
MBAMiddle Bronze Age
MdMetal Detector
MHGMonument record for Highland HER
MRMid Ross
ndNo Date
NCAPNational Collection of Aerial Photography
NCVCNorth Coast Visitor Centre, formerly Caithness Horizons Museum
NGRNational Grid Reference
NLSNational Library of Scotland
NMCBNeolithic Modified Carinated Bowl pottery
NMSNational Museums Scotland
NoSASNorth of Scotland Archaeological Society
NSANew Statistical Account
NRSNational Records of Scotland
NTSNational Trust for Scotland
NWSNorthwest Sutherland
ODOrdnance datum
ONBOld Name Books
OSOrdnance Survey
OSAOld Statistical Account
OSLOptical Stimulated Luminescence dating
PSASProceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
RARFARegional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll
RCAHMSRoyal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
SAIRScottish Archaeological Internet Reports
SFSScotland’s First Settlers Project (Hardy & Wickham Jones 2009)
SSPCKSociety in Scotland for the Propagating of Christian Knowledge
TDCTarbat Discovery Centre
tpqterminus post quem
TTTreasure Trove
UHIUniversity of the Highlands and Islands
WRWester Ross