CVARF Workshops

Three online workshops held in January and March 2022 explored the opportunities, issues and proposed methodologies with key stakeholders and members of the public.

The first two workshops were for potential main stakeholders to discuss and assess the initial approaches to the project. In March 2022, however, the third workshop was opened to members of the public. Through formal feedback and informal discussion, a range of priorities were identified. Participants were asked their opinions on the limitations and opportunities for future research in the Clyde Valley region, as well as how research aims could be delivered most effectively.

The main conclusions drawn from this exercise focused on the importance of wide-ranging collaborations from academics and local archaeology groups, with an emphasis on community involvement. Feedback suggested that the best way to approach the gaps in our knowledge was both thematically and chronologically, utilising the knowledge of local heritage groups, previous and ongoing academic research in the area and existing museum collections. The majority of participants thought it was essential to develop an archaeological research framework for the Clyde Valley region. These workshops yielded useful feedback and mark the first steps in the creation of the Clyde Valley framework. 

Glasgow Garden Festival excavations, 2022 © Kenny Brophy

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