Archaeology Reports Online – GUARD’s work in the Clyde Valley

GUARD Archaeology is one of the most prominent commercial archaeology companies in the UK, undertaking excavation, research and consultancy, primarily in advance of development work.

The professional archaeologists at GUARD are committed to communicating the results of their archaeological fieldwork and specialist analyses to as wide an audience as possible. In order to address the increasing demand for an accessible resource and platform for sharing their results, GUARD established the online archaeological journal, Archaeology Reports Online, in 2013.

Below you will find seven Archaeology Reports Online which GUARD has kindly made available to share on the ScARF website. These reports are relevant to the Clyde Valley, illustrating the important archaeological work being done across this significant region of Scotland. They are all free to read and download as PDF files.

Map of western Scotland showing the eight local authorities included in the Clyde Valley region, all blocked out in green and labelled.
Map of western Scotland showing the Clyde Valley region and its 8 local authorities © Crown Copyright 2010 General Register Office for Scotland

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Front cover of ARO53

ARO53: A Mesolithic camp, Bronze Age roundhouse and an Iron Age building at Nairn Street, Larkhall, South Lanarkshire

by Kevin Mooney, with contributions by Torben Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith, Fraser Hunter, Maureen Kilpatrick, Carol Lang, Susan Ramsay, Bob Will and Clare Wilson

A Mesolithic encampment and a Bronze Age roundhouse with a later structure inserted into it overlooked the River Avon. Middle Bronze pottery and a fragment of unfinished oil shale bangle were found.

ARO52: The long history of a palaeochannel at Ferniegair, Hamilton

by John James Atkinson, with contributions by Torben Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith, Peter Bye Jensen, Fraser Hunter, Carol Lang, Susan Ramsay, Francis Rowney, Alison Sheridan, Catherine Smith and Nicki Whitehouse

A post-glacial palaeochannel was used from the early Neolithic through to the middle Bronze Age for the disposal of materials from settlement activities along its bank. It is a rare find in Scotland.

Front cover of ARO52
Front cover of ARO46

ARO46: A well-trodden path: the prehistoric landscape of Maidenhill, Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire

by Maureen C Kilpatrick, with contributions by Iraia Arabaolaza, Torben Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith, George McLeod, Claire Wilson and Susan Ramsay

The remains of early Neolithic and later pits and evidence of Bronze Age burial practices were uncovered at this site. Radiocarbon dates indicate activities, including the burials, are the earliest known in the upland areas of East Renfrewshire.

ARO41: The road to rediscovery: Netherton Cross during the M8, M73, M74 Motorway Improvements 2014-15

by Iraia Arabaolaza, Warren Bailie, Morag Cross, Natasha Ferguson and Kevin Mooney, with contributions by Diane Alldritt, Torben Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith, Gemma Cruickshanks, Robin Murdoch, Carl Savage and Bob Will

Mitigation works ahead of motorway improvements located the remains of medieval structures close to the original location of the tenth century Netherton Cross.

Front cover of ARO41
Front cover of ARO35

ARO35: Neolithic pits and Bronze Age settlement at Colinhill, Strathaven

by Beth Spence, with contributions from Torben Bjarke Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith and Susan Ramsay

Archaeological interventions revealed a Neolithic pit group dating to the mid-fourth millennium BC and two Bronze Age roundhouses dating to the mid-second millennium BC and on lower plateau area, with another group of Neolithic pits located on an upper plateau.

ARO24: Jam jars, lids and ginger beer bottles: stoneware from the Caledonian Pottery, Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire

by Bob Will, with contributions from Warren Bailie and Kevin Mooney

A wide range of stoneware pottery, unexpectedly retrieved from a dump of waste, details some of the wares and therefore the history of the Caledonian Pottery at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century.

Front cover of ARO24
Front cover of ARO18

ARO18: Pits with Precious Goods: ritual deposition in the early Neolithic, Snabe Quarry, Drumclog, South Lanarkshire, 2008-2012

by Maureen C Kilpatrick, with contributions by Torben Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith, George MacLeod and Susan Ramsay, and illustrations by Gillian McSwan and Fiona Jackson

Archaeological excavations in advance of quarrying revealed several clusters of late Mesolithic and early Neolithic pits.

You can find these, and many more reports from GUARD’s archaeological work across Scotland at the Archaeology Reports Online website!