4.6 Research recommendations

Recommendations for future work would include:

  1. Further study of the social context of craft production, including how different materials relate (and within a landscape context), and exploring biographical approaches
  2. Development of innovative methods of prospecting, sourcing and compositional analysis, and combination of approaches including: experimental archaeology; the environmental context; metal detecting; aerial photographs
  3. Further study of the LBA-EIA transition through material culture
  4. Further work on how best to design and harness programmes of experimental archaeology
  5. Nuanced regional studies to address whether there are broadly Scotland-wide phenomena, or a series of overlapping regional Bronze Ages
  6. Improve chronological resolution for MBA and LBA ceramics
  7. Development of new techniques (including nano-techniques) in order to obtain enriched data-sets to provide the material to answer a range of questions regarding Bronze Age society
  8. Development of new approaches and new ways of using existing data.

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