2.3 Research recommendations

  1. Research into what distinguishes a Bronze Age way of life, including similarities and contrasts with the Neolithic and Iron Age
  2. In order to build the richly evidenced over-arching narratives, robust data sets combining a range of information that is accessible are required
  3. Comparisons, links and contrasts between Scotland and other countries should be explored. These will vary over time. In the EBA parallels should be sought with  Ireland and England and in N. Germany and the Baltic in particular.  Ireland and England remain significant throughout (Ireland particularly in the MBA). In the LBA parallels may be sought along the Atlantic façade  and across the North Sea into N.Germany and the Baltic as well as in N France and Central and S Germany.
  4. How can Scottish metalwork be better dated?
  5. LBA‐EIA transition needs better understanding – drawing together and characterizing the evidence as a start
  6. More complete understanding of whole range of ‘ritual’ monuments – for example of new evidence (such as henge monuments) and understanding of stone rows ‐ integrated with burial, settlement and artefact evidence
  7. What happened at 1400 BC? Why doesn’t the metalwork reflect this major transition in the settlement evidence

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