6.6 Research recommendations

Summary of main research recommendations are as follows:

  1. There is tremendous potential for using Scottish data in applying theoretically-framed questions to issues of identity and social space on the frontier. This could be applied to both site complexes which have seen extensive excavation (eg Newstead, Inveresk) or on a broader, comparative basis between sites.
  2. An updated and authoritative catalogue of Roman finds from non-Roman sites is highly desirable. Such a catalogue must incorporate specialist insights into the material, and pay close attention to issues of taphonomy.
  3. The Roman finds have to be integrated in an understanding of the Iron Age context.
  4. Traprain Law remains pivotal but poorly understood to relations with the Roman world; reappraisal of older finds and fresh excavations have the potential to revolutionise our knowledge of this key site.
  5. Study of hybrid forms of material culture, such as glass bangles, shows great potential for understanding these changing worlds.
  6. A long and integrated view is needed of the long-term history of Roman effects.

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