4.7 Research recommendations

Our main research recommendations in this section are:

  1. The need to excavate large areas of the interior of camps, not just ditch sections, and to sample outside them
  2. The value of the geophysical survey of camps
  3. The value of survey and the sample excavation of problematic or uncertain sites
  4. The continuing priority which should be given to the geophysical survey, fieldwalking and excavation of annexes and vici
  5. The need for synthesis of existing environmental work, and for maintaining extensive sampling from modern excavations
  6. The need to look beyond the fort for other aspects of its landscape, especially burials and religious sites; a 1 km buffer zone around known sites should be treated as a priority for investigation in development control work.
  7. The issue of memory is greatly understudied, in terms of the relation of Roman sites to the earlier landscape, and the use of Roman sites after they were abandoned

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