2.3 Research recommendations

Consideration of the story of the discovery of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology in Scotland so far suggests there is still much more research and investigation to be done, including:

  1. Detailed historiographic consideration of the recognition of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic in Scotland.
  2. Investigation of the intellectual history of studies of these periods in Scotland, including biographical research on key figures and excavations, e.g. Symington Grieve (on Oronsay) and Lacaille.
  3. Examination of existing lithic artefacts in museums and private and commercial collections to isolate diagnostic types and to document provenances.
  4. Enhancement of national and local records to ensure proper representation of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic evidence for development control and research purposes.
  5. Analysis and publication of existing backlog of fieldwork assemblages known or likely to include Mesolithic (and Palaeolithic) artefacts, including some key sites/assemblages which should be prioritised.


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