COVID-19 Student Bursaries

Our ScARF student bursaries are normally only available to help travel and attendance at conferences or workshops. However, in light of COVID-19 and the unlikelihood that there will be many conferences and networking events taking place for the foreseeable future, we are keen to support Student/ECR research into Scottish archaeology in other ways.

We are therefore pleased to offer a small number of bursaries to help support wider student and ECR research activities in the coming months. 

A group of people on a hill side standing around a stone pit listening to an archaeologist talk about the site
ScARF supported students were amongst the SIRFA symposium delegates visiting the Neolithic Axe Factories at North Roe, Shetland ©ScARF

We are initially asking for applications for financial support where COVID-19 has affected student and ECR research plans and there may be additional costs which cannot be covered in another way. For example, we could help fund extra costs for access to research material and digital resources, or maybe cover costs where new software or online training is required. Please get in touch with us to discuss your application and to see if your project would be suitable. The main criteria is that the research being undertaken should be into some aspect of Scottish archaeology. We will consider retrospective applications – i.e. where the cost has already been incurred – but we will require receipts/proof of the additional expense. The maximum that can be applied for is £200. 

To apply please send us an email with a short summary of your research, how COVID-19 has affected it and a clear breakdown of the costs involved (c. 300 words), along with a short letter written by a referee to support your application.

Find out about how other students have benefited from our ScARF bursaries by visiting our Student Report pages.

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Summer Newsletter

Our summer newsletter should have hit everyone’s inboxes! If you haven’t got a copy then take a look here.

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Welcome to Our New Website!

We are really excited to launch our new ScARF website.

While you will find that the basic structure and the original content remains very familiar – so using the frameworks will not be too different to before – we can now do so much more! We will be adding new pages and content regularly including extra case studies, blogs and we can also now host additional research resources. This site will become the gateway to all our new Regional Research Frameworks as they are launched.

The new ScARF website is easier to navigate – with eye-catching landing pages, more links to current projects, relevant internal content and Case Studies, and improved imagery to showcase Scotland’s archaeological research!

This is just the start and we have lots of plans to improve the website over the coming year. In time, we will have an improved search facility that will enable you to search not just the ScARF National, thematic and regional frameworks – but also archaeological frameworks from across the UK! We are also working on new technology behind the scenes which will link our ScARF website to OASIS and Discovery and Excavation in Scotland reports – so as new discoveries are made, some research questions answered and new questions posed, our resource can be updated.

The new ScARF website will be regularly refreshed with blog posts, keeping you updated on the latest ScARF news, exciting new Case Studies and projects, and the progress of the Regional Archaeological Research Frameworks – see some images from the latest SIRFA symposium in Shetland above!

Get involved…

Please get in touch if you have any thoughts and comments about our new site. We would also love to receive ideas for new Case Studies that help to answer the research questions posed in our frameworks. If you would like to submit one to add to our research frameworks please let us know – there is so much amazing work to share and we now have the tools to do it!

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ScARF News – October 2019

A Successful SIRFA Symposium in Shetland

SIRFA Shetland symposium delegates enjoy a sunny evening exploring Mousa Broch – read all about it in the October newsletter! ©ScARF

The field trips saw delegates travel the length and breadth of Shetland to visit various archaeological sites, guided by experts, and participating in on-site discussion. The weather was kind, and we even stopped to appreciate Muckle Flugga, formerly the most northerly inhabited place in the British Isles!

Various workshop sessions took place over two days to discuss current archaeological knowledge in Shetland- spanning the prehistoric to modern periods and exploring aspects such as subsistence, economy, connectivity and landscape to discuss future priorities and identify potential research questions. The combination of field trips and workshop sessions were an effective way to get people talking, sharing, and contributing to assist the development of this framework.

A field trip to the archaeological site at Lower Underhoull, Unst. © ScARF

Find our more about the project at the SIRFA website.

Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework

The ‘Priorities in Progress’ conference held at the Station hotel in Perth on the 30th August 2019 presenting work from the first year of the Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework (PKARF) was attended by almost 100 delegates!

Re-enactors attend the PKARF conference in Perth. © ScARF

Talks by PKARF ‘champions’ outlining the current state of knowledge for each period were followed by think tank workshops where all delegates were encouraged to participate by identifying gaps in knowledge, discuss where future research should be directed, and to nominate case studies showcasing archaeological work in the region to date. Voices from across the heritage sector, students, and community heritage groups joined to discuss the development of the framework and it’s future role as a resource for all archaeological work and research in Perth and Kinross.

Following the success of the conference, we are excited to see how it informs the next steps and shapes the development of the PKARF!

Upcoming Conferences

The Highland Archaeology Festival Conference 

The annual conference showcasing recent archaeological discoveries and research across the Highlands takes place over two days from Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th October at the Highland Council Chamber in Inverness. With lots of interesting displays and lunchtime poster sessions, this conference presents a great opportunity to hear a diverse range of voices from people engaged in archaeological work across the Highlands.

The excavation and conservation of Clachtoll Broch will be discussed by Dr Graeme Cavers of AOC Archaeology during the annual conference. © ScARF

Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee (TAFAC)

The Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee annual conference will be held at the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes on Saturday 2nd November. This conference will showcase new archaeological discoveries and research in Tayside and Fife. This is an excellent opportunity to hear about a wide range of current archaeological work in the area, including the results of A9 Dualling archaeological works, an update on the Perth and Kinross regional framework, new work on early medieval sculpture, excavations at Wemyss Caves, and much more!

Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Archaeology Conference

The annual Edinburgh, Lothian & Borders Archaeology Conference will be held on Saturday 16th November at Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh. This conference provides an important opportunity to hear and discuss first hand accounts of the archaeological fieldwork and research being undertaken in Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, and the Scottish Borders.

Come along to hear about significant discoveries and research across the region. Speakers will be presenting the results of various high-profile archaeological excavations in the area, the results of community archaeology projects, current research in progress, and more..!

ECR and Student Bursaries

Following the attendance of many ScARF supported ECR’s and students at recent conferences, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you we accept applications for student bursaries all year round. Conferences and events are often a great way to meet people doing similar or complementary work but can often be expensive for students to attend. As part of ScARF’s commitment to encouraging and supporting new research, a number of bursaries are available to help with the costs of attending these events. Please spread the word!

More information about Student Bursaries can be found on the ScARF website here.

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ScARF e-newsletter

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Take the ScARF user Survey!


Launched in 2012, it is now seven years since the national ScARF was created and published online. If you have used or been involved in the creation of any of the ScARF resources since then, we would like to hear from you! We would be grateful if you could take a few moments to complete our short survey. The survey seeks views from all users and contributers of ScARF and will close on the 31st of July. Please share your views to help us plan for the future development of the frameworks!

The survey has now closed

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ScARF News – June 2019

Welcome to Leanne!

We are pleased to welcome Leanne Demay to the team as ScARF Project Officer. Leanne joins us from AOC Archaeology where she was engaged in a range of archaeological fieldwork projects across Scotland.

New Case Study

A new case study with downloadable catalogue has been added to the ScARF website! The Historic Environment Scotland-funded project Tracing the Lines: Uncovering Grooved Ware Trajectories in Neolithic Scotland has created a database of Scottish grooved ware pottery found in Scotland – along with a set of radiocarbon dates newly generated by analysis of carbonised remains. Read all about it here!

Mike Copper examines grooved ware pottery- read about the launch in the June newsletter. © Mike Copper

Upcoming conferences

Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework

Booking is now open for the ‘Priorities in Progress’ conference that will be held at the AK Bell Library in Perth on the 30th August 2019. This conference will present work from the first year of the Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework. There will be talks by the PKARF champions as well as ‘think tank’ workshops to review what we know, where there are gaps and where future research should be directed. This event is free to attend, but booking is essential.

More information about the PKARF project can be found on their website!

Scotland’s Islands Research Framework for Archaeology

We are excited to announce dates for the next event as part of the development of Scotland’s Islands Archaeology Research Framework Project. As we move towards year two work will start to focus on Shetland and to launch the project the SIRFA team are holding a symposium in Lerwick from the 20th – 23rd September.

Find out more on the SIRFA website.

New Project: Scotland’s aDNA Database

A project led by Dr’s Alison Sheridan and Lisa Brown has been ongoing to pull together a list of Scottish archaeological human remains that have been sampled/analysed for DNA analysis. An article about the project and full list has been published in the latest edition of Archaeology Scotland’s DES Volume 19, 2018. However, it is also available to download online here!

ScARF e-newsletter

Our June newsletter has just been sent out to all our subscribers. Take a look at it here for all the latest ScARF news.

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PKARF Conference Booking Open!


We have new student bursary opportunities! Please see our Student Bursary pages for more details of how to apply for bursaries to help with the costs of attending the Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework Conference ‘Priorities in Progress’ conference and the Scotland’s Islands Research Framework for Archaeology, Shetland Symposium.


Booking is now open for the Perth and Kinross Archaeology Research Framework (PKARF) ‘Priorities in Progress’ Conference.

It takes place on the 30th August 2019 in the AK Bell Library in Perth and is free to attend. Registration is now online at Eventbrite

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ScARF Museum Project News


ScARF are recruiting for a part-time ScARF Project Officer to join the team!

Please see for all the details.

The closing date for application is the 22nd April 2019.


To celebrate the end of the ScARF Museums project, we are hosting two days of free events at the Discovery Centre, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire on the 16th and 17th April. Please get in touch to find our more and to secure your place.

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March 2019 – New PKARF Website and More!


To celebrate the end of the ScARF Museums project, we are hosting two days of free events at the Discovery Centre, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire on the 16th and 17th April. Please get in touch to find our more and to secure your place.


The Perth and Kinross Archaeology Research Framework (PKARF) has a new website! Take a look here to find out more about the project.

Save the date of the 30th August 2019 if you are interested in joining us for the Priorities in Progress conference to be held in Perth. More details will be announced soon.

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