Boyne to Brodgar available now!

Boyne to Brodgar: Making Monuments, Creating Communities has a new home on the ScARF website!

This is an innovative project, focusing on the Neolithic monuments across Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. These range from the iconic World Heritage Sites of Brú na Bóinne and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney to less well-known henges and timber circles. This international, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral initiative is co-operative, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable, featuring archaeologists, heritage professionals, educators and community groups, in the UK and Ireland and beyond.

Two large standing stones sit on a grassy field with a dramatic, dark blue, grey and black sky behind them. Sheep can be seen in the distance grazing.
Avebury henge and stone circle © Nick Owen (CCBY-SA 4.0)

In addition to the previous content, we are delighted to have a new Case Study as part of this framework. Awakening Sleeping Giants explores the value of community engagement on the Isle of Arran and aims both encourage and enable local action that is supported by international and national research frameworks and thematic strategies. 

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