Highland Archaeological Research Framework – Consultation Update!

We are excited to announce additional draft period chapters for the Highland Archaeological Research Framework are now available online for consultation with case studies and maps. You are invited to read and comment on these documents – are there key examples missing? Can you spot research gaps? Initial chapters are ready to view, but please do check the ARCH website every now and then as remaining chapters will be added in the coming weeks following detailed comments from key contributors.

HighARF chapters online for consultation now:
Palaeolithic and Mesolithic
Iron Age
Early Medieval
Post Medieval

All comments should be emailed to higharf@gmail.com ideally by mid February 2021.

HighARF launched with a symposium held at the Highland Council Chambers in Inverness in June 2018 where an impressive line-up of speakers gave an overview by period of what is currently known and where the gaps in our knowledge are. If you missed out on this event- or would like a re-cap, the talks are available on the Highland ScARF YouTube channel here.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to contribute!

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