ScARF News – January 2019

Happy New Year from ScARF!

We are looking forward to a really busy 2020 working on our research framework projects and launching our exciting new website.

The Callanish stone circle on Lewis (c) Getty Images

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in our Evaluation in 2019 by filling in our questionnaire or being interviewed. This has been really useful to understand better what ScARF does well and where we can improve so we can plan for the future.

ScARF is a widely used resource across the sector for developing project proposals, planning archaeology, funding applications and professional development. Our particular strength continues to be the high quality of the content (98.5% rated the content as good/excellent) with one respondent calling it the ‘envy of other countries’.

Areas highlighted for improvement include enhancing the usability of the website for accessing, searching and contributing new data, continuing to ensure the consistent high quality of new data and research, creating clearer research questions and communicating much better about the overall research framework project across the sector.

If you would like a copy of the evaluation report please get in touch and we can share a more detailed summary with you.

PKARF – Update and New Digital Resources!

Following the conference of preparatory talks and constructive workshop discussions in August last year, PKARF is now progressing with the review phase of its project. Throughout this phase, Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust are welcoming involvement from community members, professionals, academics and students alike to help build an inclusive and relevant Framework. As part of this, a panel of 12 experts has been formed to take forward the Environmental and Archaeological Science aspects. More broadly, the contributions received have highlighted the importance of rivers and lochs, especially the Tay, as conduits for movement, as well as the great potential of the region’s contrasting upland/lowland topography for studying settlement patterns over time.

Contributions are currently being reviewed and developed into draft chapters which it is hoped will be available for consultation and comment in early Spring. Anyone interested in nominating content for the drafts or wishing to join the discussion by reviewing consultation documents are encouraged to get in touch.

More details can be found on the PKARF project page where you’ll also find new digital resources from the conference to get you thinking – plus an online comments form to feed-in your ideas!

ScARF Museum Skills Workshops

ScARF skills workshops are a series of FREE to attend one-day training opportunities open to everyone. Our first skills workshop of 2020 offers an intoduction to zooarchaeology, osteoarchaeology and scientific techniques – providing participants with basic bone ID, handling and recording skills, and an update of how current scientific methods are revolutionising what we know about the lives of past people! This workshop was fully booked extremely quickly, but there will be more.. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

ScARF- A Resource for Everyone

Share with us! Do you have some exciting research or projects you would like to share? We’d love to hear any ideas for new case studies, contributions and future features.

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